WRC rugby FAQ

Where and when do we train?

  1. Training times and places are posted on each teams page.
  2. More specific training times and info can be checked from

Men: wrc.nimenhuuto.com by signing up

Women: warriorsladies.nimenhuuto.com by signing up

What do I need to play rugby in Finland?

  1. Come to training and see what it is all about!
  2. Club membership (details will be sent to you by email when you join)
  3. Rugby license from FRF (Finnish Rugby Federation)
  4. Completed and delivered Rugby Ready certificate
  5. Insurance covering rugby. This can be:
  • A personal insurance covering rugby


  • One of the insurance options offered by FRF

What is rugby?

Rugby basics will of course be discussed in training and in pre-season meetings. It is however highly encouraged to self study. A lot of material can be found online:

English rugby union: rugby basics
Rugby basics
BBC rugby basics
Rugby basics in Finnish

google/youtube: rugby basics 🙂
What kind of gear I need?

Training: For training all you need is a pair of trainers or rugby/football cleats, shorts and a shirt that does not rip easy. For contact training mouth guard is a must.

Games: Rugby shorts, jersey and socks for games are provided by the club. Player is responsible for boots suitable for rugby (either molded stud football/rugby boots or metal studded rugby/football boots) and mouth guard. All protection beyond this is voluntary.

How expensive is rugby?

  1. Club membership (decided by the board every year but was 220€ for 2016 season (150€ for students), payment plans available)
  2. Rugby license from FRF (Finnish Rugby Federation), 38€:
  3. Insurance covering rugby. Price varies and is up to your insurance of choice. Federation license insurance is around 380€ per year. You might want to check a better option from your own insurance company.